Sorry For The Wait

So, I’ve been gone for a really long time now. Kinda like 2 months. I don’t know if there are guys that usually come here often but if you do… thanks for visiting the site.


Anyway, I have been kinda busy with my freelance graphic design business and recently took up mo-graph (mostly kinetic typo)… So here is a little something I created… More to come soon.


Amazing Photorealistic Oil on Board Paintings

ImageUnless you’re an art enthusiast or,like me, you love using StumbleUpon,  Jeremy Geddes isn’t a name you’d easily recognize. However his amazing oil on board painting will take your breath away and have you cursing at your lack of artistic talent.

Jeremy Geddes is a photo-realistic painter from Melbourne, Australia. He is widely known for the Cosmonaut series of paintings,[1] and has illustrated for comic book covers, in collaboration with friend Ashley Wood.

Here are a few of his works of art. To purchase them, click here