Month: April 2014

FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!! I Swear mabeshte wengine wanakuanga wametumwa na Shaito!!!


NIE REKE NGWIRE….I swear some people should just be shot. Yaani public prosecution.

So, its Friday evening. Friday the 25th to be precise. Ile siku yenye mwezi hukuwa kwa corner. Those 5 days to end month seem like a whole other month. And to think that someone just lost a consignment of Heroine worth kindu 25 Billion today. Enyewew kuna wenye nchi na wananchi. 

I digress. So Friday evening, just from town tired as a bish! I get to the house, put a nice series, pour a glass of juice and chill. I take the first sip and my liver immediately goes into shock. I mean, Friday evening, it really did expect something stronger. Lakini mfuko ikiamua imeamua. I slump ka couch and start watching thinking, if I had that 25 Billion…as one Wanjohi wa Kigogoine says, saa hii ma dame wote wangekuwa wameweka thuruare on head.

Then out of nowhere…

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